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FRANK FOREST represent the love and harmony -

We insist to create a classy style of living environment, offer remarkable living style with our product, make every home be the home.

From past to present, or even further to future. Home always a place that full of love, and it always will be.

​Visit our site and you will find everything you need to build your loving home. Get inspired and make your home a better place!

That is our goal and we wish to share with everyone, or even as small as a little place on the earth, to care more about your lifestyle of living.


We are going to make a better world start from a better home.


A premium choice of home.

Gourmet Dish


Frank Forest Founder

Frank Lo

About Our Founder

A Little Dream with Big Step

Frank was born in 1990, he showed his interest in homeware since he was a kid, he remember the first decoration was made in 6, and he study oversea in Western Australia in architecture and engineering, so he is sensitive in shape and line, bring up his professional identification on different styles and materials, and pursue the classy, remarkable living style for every customer.

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