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Chicken Kara-age - KitchenLo


1. Chicken*300gram

2. Lemon*half

3. Egg*half

4. Garlic*2 slices

5. Ginger*2 slices

6. Cooking sake, Soy sauce, Mirin*1 teaspoon

7. Salt, Sugar and Pepper*a pinch


1. Dice 300g chicken in small piece

2. Mash Ginger and Garlic

3. Put the Ginger Mash and Garlic Mash into the chicken

4. Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Cooking sake, Soy sauce, mirin, Lemon Juice, half egg and stir with the chicken

5. Rest for 30 minutes in the fridge

6. Take the chicken after 30 minutes and pour out most of the sauces

7. Max 3 Tea Spoon starch powder with the chicken

8. Heat the oil to 180 degree for fry the chicken

9. Fried the chicken around 1.5 minutes and take it out, and fried again for 1 minute.

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